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Xiamen Retirement Village and/or Holiday Home - Trip Planning

We have about 86 people from all over the world on our mailing list currently that are interested in a retirement/holiday home in Xiamen. We are now garnering interest for those interested in making a trip there in 19 - 22 July 2007.


Holiday home and/or retirement home in Xiamen, China

I will be making a trip to Xiamen on 14 July 2007. I intend to do 3 things during my trip there:

1. Check out on my RV apartment.

2. Venture out of Xiamen. I have been to Xiamen a number of times but have not venture to other parts of the Fujian province. This time round, I intend to visit the Hakka settlements in Yong Ding as well as the famous Wuyishan mountains.

3. Make local arrangements for those of you who would like to visit Xiamen as well. I encourage you to visit from 19 - 22 July and stay within Xiamen only.

Venture out of Xiamen

Xiamen is but just a city in the province of Fujian. I will arrive in Xiamen on 14 July and intend to visit two of the most famous and prominent places of interest in this province which are the Hakka settlement and the Wuyishan mountains.

The Hakkas are a normadic group of people in China and have moved and settled all over China unlike the other dialect groups which have more or less settled in one place.

The Hakkas in Fujian have built very interesting houses where they have chosen to settle down, mostly in the region of Yong Ding. They have retained very interesting cultural and architectural traits and these are how some of the houses and day to day living activities look like:

Hakka round house Hakka roundhouse village
Hakka Roundhouses at YongDing, Fujian

The other major place of interest that I intend to visit is the WuyiShan in north Fujian where the famous Wuyishan is located. Wuyishan is one of the most important and scenic mountain ranges in China and is famous for it's interesting geological features as well as low hanging cloud which has combined to be the inspiration for poets, painters, photographers and authors over the years.

Clouds at wuyishan wuyishan mountains
Wuyishan Mountains

Meeting up in Xiamen

I will return to Xiamen by 19 July 2007 so that I can meet up with you if you are making the trip. I encourage you to make a 4-day trip to Xiamen so that you can be familiar with the living anvironment in Xiamen and the surrounding areas.

If you are travelling from Singapore, then Free and Easy packages sold by many travel agents that include flights and hotels are the best offers currently. They should be selling at about $S650 including return air-tickets, 3N accomodation, airport transfers and breakfasts. Please contact me if you would want me to make arrangements.

If you are outside China or already in China, we can meet on the date of 19 July 2007 in Xiamen. I can make local accomodation arrangements for you if you would like.

What happens in Xiamen?

This will be your suggested itinery in Xiamen:

xiamen night scene gulangyu xiamen
Nightscene of Xiamen and Gulangyu

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to hotel. Night at own leisure (Suggestion: Nightmarkets)

Day 2: Visit to Developer and transfer to shuttle to visit development. Return to Xiamen for discussion on purchase options. Rest of afternoon and night at own leisure (Suggestion: City tour, Gulangyi, Foot massage)

Day 3: Visit to a hot spring spa or enjoy shopping at the many department stores or have coffee at a lakeside. (Optional).

Day 4: Return to Singapore or continue on to other destinations.

Take note that it is Summer in China now and weather is expected to be hot. Drink lots of water and bring light clothings only.

Bargaining is expected at small shops and stalls. Do not consume water directly from the pipe in China. Buy mineral water which are sold all over the city.

About Me
My name is Ken Zhong and I am a Singaporean. I have purchased a holiday/retirement home in Xiamen, China and I am garnering interest from people that may have the same interest.

I am not a property agent nor a travel agent and make no profits from organizing these activities.

I am doing all these activities solely for the purpose of building a RV community in Xiamen, China.

From emails and enquiries, I know there are strong interest from individuals, couples and families around the world for a green RV community that will both provide a qualitative life as well as stretch our dollar.

If you would like to contact me directly, please copy and paste this email address to your email software (I am not providing a direct email link to prevent spam. Please substitute _at_ with @)

About our holiday/retirement village concept

Chronology of Events:
How I discovered this apartment
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Taking delivery of apartment
Latest Developments

Action Plan

Quickly inform me if you would like to join me on 19-22 July 2007. Let me know if you would like me to make travel arrangements.

Arrange to make payment and to collect tickets with me if you desire.

Ensure passports and visa are available. No visas are needed for Japanese, Brunerians and Singaporeans staying in China for less than 14 days.

We need confirmation before 1 July 2007. If you are in Singapore and need us to make travel arrangements for you, do take note that air ticket and hotel prices fluctuate with the season and we cannot guarantee prices will remain the same all the time.

Currency Info

US$1 = S$1.6
US$1 = RMB8
S$1 = RMB5



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