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Xiamen Retirement Village and/or Holiday Home - First Meetup

A group of SHC members gathered on 27 Feb 2007 to learn more about this residential project in Xiamen, China.

There were 8 attendees in total and a summary of the meeting is included below.

(All the photos you see here are physically taken by me and not copied from a website or brochure)  

Holiday home and/or retirement home in Xiamen, China

Before we start this summary, a note of thanks to Lisa, who kindly volunteered and organised the function room at her residence for our meeting. Not to mention the many Chinese New Year goodies...

A total of 8 attendees showed up, a much higher number than expected. I am new to SHC and it was good that I can now put a face and person to the names that I had been corresponding with digitally.

Once we got over the 'hellos', I started introducing the project. Everyone were quite impressed by the scale and scope of this project and the questions came thick and fast. Here are the main questions:

Q: How did I get to know this development?

I was visiting Xiamen with my family when I walked passed what looked like a tour agency. Instead, it turned out to be the developer office/showroom for this development and an accidental visit turned into a purchase!

Q: What is Xiamen like?

Xiamen has been voted as one of the top 3 cities in China, way ahead of even Beijing and Shanghai. Traffic is orderly, there is little pollution, social security is good and people are generally friendly. Temperature does not go below 10 degrees in winter.

Q: What are the outdoor activities we can do as residents?

Plenty! Swim, raft, fish, horse-ride, trek, golf, sun-tan, farm visit, temple visit, massage and many others.

Q: How much are the units?

Studio apartments - 45 - 80sqm at about S$40 to S$65K (Furnished)
Penthouses: 140-1800sqm at S$120K onwards (Furnished)
Villas: 2000sqm and above at about S$500K onwards

Q: How can I trust that the developer will not fail or run away?

No one can guarantee! However, the local Xiamen people says that this is a large and reputable developer. In addition, my purchased unit is due soon and I will know any problems way ahead of you.

Q: When am I visiting the project next and can we go together?

I expect to visit the development around May - July and will update everyone once I have a firm date. You are invited to join me and we can go as a merry group and try to drive some good bargains with the developer for those interested to purchase.

Otherwise, if you are going on your own to Xiamen, just give me an email and I'll provide you with the showroom address.

Q: How can we develop a RV community?

I believe those interested in Xiamen as an investment and/or holiday and/or retirement home should visit the place physically and decide their own financial and time commitments.

Once you have the intention to purchase, we can form a RV community together for mutual assistance as well as possible joint marketing and management of our retirement homes.

I have some RV plans and will send to you within a week or two. We can then further discuss and refine.

Actual Montage Photos
1. Visiting ancestral home and relatives
2. Visiting developer showroom
3. Visiting actual development site
4. Houses and facilities in construction

5. Show flat
6. Surrounding environment

Action Plan

I will inform whenever I have the intention to visit Xiamen.

I will prepare a RV plan

I am open for questions/discussions in private and public whenever required.

I hope to form a RV of 6 home units in Xiamen for mutual assistance and mutual financial benefits.

Foreign friends Info

US$1 = S$1.6
US$1 = RMB8

Chronology of Events:
How I discovered this apartment
Organising a group
Organising a visit
Progressive visit
Taking delivery of apartment
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