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Prepare yourself to face the world's fastest growing economy. Get to know Chinese culture, business etiquette, way of life, customs and philosophy.

Understand what is it like to be living, working and travelling in China. Extremely useful information if you intend to travel to China, do business with China or simply keen on Chinese culture.

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Posted to China
Find out what corporate HR did not tell you
Author: Ken Zhong Y.X ISBN: 981-05-1317-8

Mainland China is now one of the largest economic powerhouse in the world! In a few short years after Deng Xiao Ping liberalized the Chinese economy in 1989, China has raced from a third world country to jostle for position as one of the world's most influential economic power.

Witness the tremendous growth of HAIER, now one of the top ten electronic powerhouse, or Legend Computers (renamed Levono Computers ), now owner of IBM Worldwide Personal Computer Division or TCL, now exporting plasma television, washing machines and refrigerators to almost every country in the world!

China time magazineTIMES magazine starts Yr 2007 with cover story: "Dawn of a New Dynasty - China takes on the world"

Are you aware of the enormous impact Mainland China will have on the world's politics and economy in the coming years?

Your comprehensive China Guide if you are....

Needing to learn and understand Chinese business and social culture and etiquette
Visiting Mainland China for business or social purposes
Wanting to do business with Mainland Chinese
Taking up a job offer in China
Supporting your expatriate spouse in China
Preparing to tour or travel to China in a group or individually
A keen student of China's rich history and culture
Preparing for or already in a job posting to China
Going for the China Summer Olympics 2008
Preparing or already teaching English in China
Simply curious about the Mainland Chinese and their way of life
Just spending one night in China need a copy of Posted to China - Find out what corporate HR did not tell you! Written and compiled from Year 1997-2005, revised and updated in Year 2007. Includes 6 pages of exclusive photographs!

Spelling errors in China

China welcomes you! Once they get the spelling correct....

Whatever your reasons....You cannot ignore China!

You cannot ignore China! Whether you are sitting at home watching news on TV or pondering about the next economic wave, you simply cannot ignore China, a nation that has:

• World's fastest economy that grows at an average of 5-10% year on year

• The largest and most hardworking population in the world

• A population that is hungry for knowledge, education, wealth and power

• A population that is getting richer and richer and prepared to buy internationally

• Hosting the prestigious Summer Olympics in Year 2008

• Hosting the World Exposition in Year 2010

One of our readers wrote in...

I wished I had learned about your ebook before I landed in China. It's still not too late though....I find it extremely useful even after having been in China for four months! I have printed it out and kept it handy on my desk!

Dan Williams

Arrived in China 2008

Is China Communism or Capitalism?

Whatever your answer, you are right! China is in a most interesting position right now; it is a capitalist butterfly emerging from it's Communism coccoon and hence will show characteristics typical of either era. This can be fascinating; as well as frustrating for someone new to working or living in China!

Old house in China's countryside Old street in China
Is this the real China? (Pictures taken in China Yr 2005-2006)

China modern city Western fast food in China
Or is this the real China? (Pictures taken in China Yr 2005-2006)

Get to know China - first hand!

Whatever your reasons, China is a new global and economic power that you cannot ignore. You can start reading thick textbooks or journals to learn more about China or you can find out FIRSTHAND through an easy and light-hearted manner from the ebook written by an ex-China expatriate.

The days of the western business dominance or cushy expatriate positions are over! Today, you are most likely to transact business - on Chinese terms - or accept a China posting - on Chinese terms!

Today, you need someone to give you the basics of living in China - on local terms and living amongst the Chinese population.

Once you are away from the main cities such as Beijing and Shanghai; or away from the main tourist resorts such as the Great wall of China, Tiananmen Square, known for the 1989 student protests led by activists such as Chai Ling, or Temple of Heaven, Beijing, you will need to eat, travel and move side by side with the Chinese.

You need to understand how the Chinese think, behave and react. This is extremely useful if you are working in China or doing business with the Chinese. In fact, the Chinese was a wise saying "Know the enemy, know thyself; a hundred battles, a hundred victories."

In other words, to know your "enemies" (as in Chinese business partners, business competitors, suppliers, vendors, colleagues etc), you will need to understand how they think even before coming in contact with them.

"If each Mainland Chinese buys an extra pair of rubber sandal, the world will run out of rubber trees!"

Do you realise the impact China will have on the world's economy?

Are these questions bugging you?
Get your questions about China answered from the ebook!

tour china Did anyone tell you that the Northern and Southern Chinese can be different culturally? Learn some of the differences and watch out for cultural pitfalls in China! (Pg 14)
tour china It is never nice to be sick away from home. Learn about what to look out for when visiting a Chinese clinic or hospital if you happen to fall sick. Find out what are the options for Western doctors or Chinese alternative medicine. (Pg 20)
tour china Is there a cultural difference between the Chinese in China, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore and even American Born Chinese(ABC)? If you are from USA, Europe or Australia, you may not know the difference but we tell you the differences in Pg 27.
tour china Are the Chinese still poor in the English Language? Check the answer and you may just be surprised! (Pg 31)
tour china Visiting China on business? Learn about China's social and business entertainment etiquette and avoid looking and sounding like a fool! We share with you the Chinese business etiquette for business meetings and dinner banquets in China (Pg 37)
tour china Everyone loves a bargain. Learn how to buy things as cheaply as the Chinese in the streets and avoid being cheated in China (Pg 38)
tour china How to watch out for Chinese street cheats and how to avoid being conned by them (Pg 44)
tour china Most Chinese home are small and they seldom invite a guest over. It is indeed an honor if you are invited to a Chinese home. Learn how to be a graceful guest and what right gifts to bring. (Pg 46)
tour china Chinese home ownership is now opened to foreigners. To rent or to buy a house in China? We show you the options availabe and you can decide (Pg 50)
tour china Need to visit a bank in China? Learn tips on how to avoid a long wait at the bank (Pg 56)
tour china Is the Chinese Guanxi (Personal Network) really critical to survival in China? (Pg 59)
tour china Is the internet widely available in China? What are your options for email and internet in China offices, hotels and homes? (Pg 69)
tour china Why do Chinese men always grip a pouch under their armpit? Solve this bugging mystery (Pg 72)
tour china Go travel with the local Chinese. Learn about local bus, train and ferries options (Pg 78)

Avoid Culture Shock in China!

The book, Posted to China - Find out what the HR Manager did not tell you , is a fascinating read and will:

• Let you learn about Mainland China of today

• Learn what is it like to live and work in Mainland China

• Learn and understand about Chinese social and business culture

• Lessen your culture shock - if you intend to travel, work, study, do business or live in China

The book is written in a light manner, without stuffy academic prose, and are experiences gleaned from working and living closely with the Chinese in small to medium Chinese cities.

Each Chapter is bursting with local knowledge

Table of Contents
Post 2006
Quick Geographical Facts
First Impression: Communism or Capitalism?
China is not homogenous
First Touch With Bureaucracy
Health matters
Unpleasant Discoveries

Extracts from Unpleasant Discoveries:

I learned to wind up the glass panel whenever I am in the back seat of a taxi. What happens is that a taxi driver may lean out anytime and hrrr....ptui... The wind and momentum may sometimes carry the spittle into the back seat. After a couple of ‘wet’ experience, I will never forget to wind up the back glass panel.

Pleasant Discoveries
Overseas Chinese
Language nuances
Different Skin
Dining Peculiarities
Social and Business Entertainment

Extracts from Social and Business Entertainment

In some Chinese companies, being able to hold liquor well is a pre-requisite towards getting and keeping a sales job. Many applicants for sales or PR jobs will even list down their capability to drink as one of their core assets in their personal resumes!

Crises in China
Watch the Money
Young People
Away from the city
Be a good guest
Be a good host
The Law

Extracts from The Law

Another Caucasian colleague was also detained when he was found hiking in a nearby forest with his Chinese girlfriend. We were stationed near a forested area and not too far away were army and naval bases. He and the girl were taken away under AK-47 armed escort and it took a while before the office managed to resolve the matter and collect them safely from the military camp.

Local Manpower
Working in China
Bringing family over
Plug it in
Cost of Living
Cook it right
Call Me
Going Online

Extracts from Going Online

You can get cable and xDSL internet access to your home at very low prices. Mobile phone of every price and usage plans exist, ranging from city to state to national to international coverage and various large telecommunication companies fight and vie for your attention.

Passing the evening
Men with leather Pouches under their armpit
Tea or coffee
Surviving winter
Public Transport
Inter Town Transport
Take a holiday

Extracts from Take a holiday

You can experience the world within China today. There are good ski slopes in Harbin, white sandy beaches in Hainan Island, exotic tribes in Yunnan, 19th century European settings in Qingdao, F1 formula races in Shanghai and green, green pastures in Inner Mongolia.

About the Author

This is a comprehensive on-the-ground guide book you must have -
if you really want to know the real China!

Ken Zhong, the author has spent many years living and working with the Chinese. He admires them greatly for their energy, resolution, hard work and creativity. However, it is also a country that had evolved recently from a closed and centrally planned economy and hence, still bear some differences between their way of life and those of industrialized countries.

This book is filled with first hand practical experiences written in an easy and light-hearted manner. You get insights and observations that no corporate HR could have possibly been able to tell you. Real advice that will come in practical and useful once you are away from the big cities of Shanghai and Beijing. China has hundreds upon hundreds of smaller cities trying to be the next Shanghai. What if you need to live, work or do business in one of these cities?

Posted to China

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