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We are a group of Chinese that grew up outside of mainland China. As China open up, we have been visiting and working in China. Over the years, we have learnt to re-discover our roots and reinforce some of the culture and tradition that our parents has passed on to us that may have been diluted over the years.

We spend our time as working between the Mainland Chinese who are working hard to catch up with the western world and the economically advanced western countries who would like to tap onto the vast Chinese opportunities.

If you would like to open a factory in China, source for Chinese products, outsource your production or even organize a Chinese painting exhibition back in your home country, feel free to contact us.

This website was conceived to let non-Chinese people have an easy and better understanding of the Chinese people and their culture and traditions. For many years, there may have some form of mutual distrust but we believe this was more due to a lack of understanding of each other's culture and history more than anything else.

It is our hope that this website will play a role in allowing the rich and vibrant Chinese culture and tradition to be shared amongst a greater number of people who may not have the access to the right knowledge and resources and be able to share in the richness of the Chinese culture.

We welcome your contact; be it for culture, social or business. Our contact details are on the right and we look forward to hearing from you. See you again or "Zhai Jian" in Chinese!

Guess our favorite activity in China? - Foot Reflexology!

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Hi, allow me to share with you insights of Chinese culture, history and way of life in a series of email messages. A great and free way to learn more about the Chinese way of life without having to pore through thick notes and books!
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