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Whether you're in China for a holiday or for work, you'll still want to keep in touch with folks back home. How? We'll show you some of the more economical and convenient methods.

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Calling home

Ways To Connect Home While Traveling In China
For a long time, China has been a famous and popular tourist destination. The country is peaceful, relaxing, and suitable for any vacationer. People travel here for various purposes such as business, career, education or mostly for a long holiday. But while you are exploring the ins and outs of this mighty land, you may have serious worries about your folks back home.

Don’t worry anymore! Just make the best use of your holiday and I assure that you would certainly contact your loved ones back home easily.

Currently, there are various methods to connect across the globe and you could select the most suitable way for yourself. These are some of the more popular methods to contact home from China.

International Phone Calls
You can get a bewildering choice of making international phone calls in China. You can buy a short term phone service, rent a phone, use a public phone or even use your hotel phone. Making an international phone call on the road or from your hotel room is simple and easy. Just dial the correct IDD codes and you'll be talking to your loved one soon.

However, we do know that IDD calls can be expensive especially if the conversation is a long one. You're also limited by calling one or two parties only and there're all sorts of peak and non-peak charges. It may be convenient but it can be expensive too. Hence, you may want to check out a popular calling method in China below.

Internet Phone Calls
As we all know, China is blessed with good internet technology. Hence, you can use any of the many internet-based phone call services offering you the option of free calls and other benefits. Choose the right service and you can easily make free or low cost calls from your regular mobile phone, landline or even your personal laptop. Yes, you can make such calls from your favourite iPhone or Android phone. No more expensive IDD charges!

There're also a bewildering choice of internet phone services. Many of them work very well. Unfortunately, most of them are Chinese language-based only. Some may attempt to give you some form of English instructions but most time, the quality of these English instructions suck big time.

So while you are there, the best way to feel close to your family is by talking to them. And since even they would be making calls to China, they could register with any one of the cheap calling services. Check out for a good English-based service that offers you low call rates, discounts, gifts etc.

Social Media
These days, social media is all about the world of Facebook /Twitter and you around it 24/7. People do so much via this medium. Right from when did you wake up this morning to where you are dining tonight, the world can know every bit about you depending on your updates. You can upload stuff, post on your walls and create a picture of your life just on one page. Another method is to share your stories and stuff is by Blogging or by posting your pictures on Flickr. And everyone back home can know that you are safely enjoying your trip.

Unfortunately, we need to temper your expectation in China because some of the most popular social media such as Twitter of Facebook is banned within China. Sure, you can use anonymous proxy methods to baypass such censorship but it'll need a bit of technical tweaking. You're best off using the internet phone option we introduced above.

The country could be enjoyable and fascinating to you but at times it could also be a strange place, especially when you feel the pinch of home. But if you have a PC/laptop and the internet connection at your finger tips then life gets easier. How about chatting with your folks all day long? Or just writing emails to them about what you have been doing in the day? Ask you folks to exchange their stories via emails or tell them to come online by deciding a particular time. And you are sure to find them around you, though miles away.

For more information about Chinese business culture and etiquette, check out this interesting China Book. Or email us for further information.