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Thank you for visiting our website. This page is a summary of how you, as a ESL teacher*, can make an honest and professional source of extra income. Please read on if you are an interested ESL teacher!
*Other teachers welcomed as well!

Our proposal

We are specifically looking for ESL teachers in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. We are also keen to discuss with ESL teachers from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

As a ESL teacher, you are likely to be in contact with a large number of students. And if you have been a conscientious and hardworking teacher, we are sure that your students would have adored you and parents would have held you in high esteem.

With rising income, a shortage of places in local tertiary institutions, Asian parents desire to educate their children as much as possible and a desire to learn from the West, more and more parents are sending their children for overseas education. (This is already very common with South Koreans, Taiwanese and Japanese parents and students - We welcome ESL teachers from these regions as well).

Many of these parents and students would come to you for advice and counselling.

If you are already doing a good job by counselling them, why not make an income out of it at the same time.

(While we would like to work with ESL teachers, any other teacher who regularly counsel young people about education abroad are welcomed to talk to us as well)

About Singapore as an education hub

Singapore is ideally placed as an education hub. It is an English speaking society with a uniquely Asian background and culture.

Cost of living in Singapore will be easily half that of UK or USA. The country has a reputation for being clean, efficient, safe, well serviced and is only 3-6 flight hours from most Asian cities.

Cultural infusion will be gradual as Asian food is widely available and Chinese and English is widely spoken. There will be no major culture shock causing stress, depression, homesickness or withdrawal that is common when an Asian student steps into UK, Australia, Canada or USA for the first time.

The modus operandi of most government services and private businesses in Singapore are distinctly that of a Western British/American model. Learning and living in such an environment will prepare them eventually for living and studying in UK, USA or Australia.

As an education hub, many institutions in Singapore offer a twinning program with prestigious Universities from UK, USA and Australia. The exact same program available in these Universities would be available in Singapore with the option of completing the entire course in Singapore or transferring credits to spend the final one or two years in the Universities itself.

Either way, the Diplomas and Degrees offered will be exactly the same as spending the entire course in the actual Universities.

Degrees and Diplomas ranging from Languages, IT, Business Management, Finance, Multimedia, Bio-Sciences, Performing Arts, Design and 3D/Animation are available.

Check out the Singapore government official education hub blueprint for detailed information.

The proposed partnership

You will seek out and counsel students and parents who have expressed a desire to study overseas. Normally, they can be classified as:

1. Students with good financial background and desire a overseas education
2. Students with adequate background who desire to study and work overseas
3. Weak students whose parents believe an overseas education will help
4. Students who desire a English speaking environment

You will find out their career goals and counsel them to the right education path in Singapore that will fulfil their career goal. You will then liase with us to package an appropriate education path in Singapore for these students.

You will assist them with filling in application forms, translations of forms, paying of fees, faxing or despatching of forms and general counsel.

All other entry application, immigration application, processing of paperwork, locating housing, airport pick-up, orientation to Singapore and the school will be handled by us. In addition, students and parents can speak to us anytime to answer queries and doubts.

There will be minimal work and hence disruption for you once a decision has been made what course to pursue. We will do all the work as far as possible; you just need to provide the link.

I am interested. What is Next?

Firstly, we will need to know you better as we will go into a business relationship. Please email us the following information:

1. Your name, age, current place of work and address, contact number and email

2. A short note on why you are suitable for this partnership. (A resume would be optional but may help in the selection process.)

That's done. What's next?

We will process the information. Selection into this partnership is based on the following criteria:

1. Limit of no more than 25 partners so that we can work tightly together.

2. Your geographical location so that we are well spread out.

3. Your honesty and sincerity - We would like to work with teachers that are genuinely concerned with the student's future and not just out to make a quick buck.

How much will it cost me?

None. You will not need to pay a single cent. Instead, we will pay you. (More on that when we pass you the agreement letter).

You will need the following work tools: Computer and internet access, Email and Messenging software (Yahoo, AIMS, ICQ or Skype), access to a fax machine, access to a Post Office and occasionally, access to a IDD phone.


Once we recieve your email, we will respond within 2 weeks.

If you have been selected, you will sign an agreement that includes terms of partnership and payment. (We are aware that as a teacher, you should not be seen collecting monies for your counsel, advice and assistance. We will work around that.)

We will also include a flow chart which guide you through every step of the recruiting, signing up and right up to final arrival at the airport procedure.

The entire process will be as transparent and professional as possible. So, if you are keen on a extra income, why not take the first step by filling in the details neccessary and email us as soon as possible.

Opportunities close once we hit the desired number of partners! Knock now while it is still open!


Please direct any queries to us and we'll reply as soon as possible.