Summer Olympics 2008

Main Olympics Stadium in Beijing, China

Olympics 2008

Following Japan and South Korea, China will be the third Asian city to host the Olympics Games.

The Summer Olympics 2008 will be held in Beijing and Qingdao, China. Tickets went on sales on April 15 2007 and of this writing, we are exactly 478 days to the opening ceremony!

Beijing Olympics 2008

Summer Olympics 2008, China
China has been in a preparation frenzy ever since it was announced that it had won the bid to host the Summer Olympics for 2008. Particularly busy were the Chinese cities of Beijing and Qingdao, as they are slated to be the city-hosts for the Olympics. (For more information of these cities, please visit here)

China Olympics Mascots

China Olympics 2008 Mascots


Preparing for the Olympics
China has been busy preparing for the Olympics. Among the many plans to get China ready for the Games, these are some of the more significant snippets during the preparation:

The Beijing Municipality will take new measures to raise the number of days of good air quality to 67 percent and cut down the emission of sulfur dioxide by 10 percent in 2007
Youth volunteers, including youth from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau will be recruited to provide guidance and translation to the millions of visitors expected for the Olympics. 100,000 voluteers will assist at the Games and another 400,000 will be spread throughout the cities.
Tickets for sales started on April 15 2007. 75% of tickets will be reserved for sales in China and 25% released internationally through the Olympics Council appointed overseas agents.
Beijing plan to teach basic English to at least 5 millions of it's residents so that they would be able to help any foreign visitors during the Games. All policemen and taxi drivers in the city will also recieve basic English training.
China intend to upgrade all it's public toilet facilities before the start of the Games
More than 6,000 foreign journalists, photographers and media professionals are expected to be on hand to cover the Games
All of China's travel agents will be given quality checks and their services rated prior to the Games. China expect all hotels and facilities to be finished and adequately equipped six months prior to the start of the Games.
All food meant for the Games athletes will be tagged with smart cards all the way from harvests, preparations to being served. In this way, checks and traces can be made for any instance of food problems. A special bureau has been setup for this purpose.
Till date, Beijing has planted 12,000 hectares of new trees to increase the coverage of trees in the city. Tree planting continue at a fast pace to cover at least 25,000 hectares before the Game starts.

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